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We really appreciate the overwhelming favourable comments from our guests. We rely on comments such as the ones below from some of our travellers in the last few years. Sadly of course 2020 was very quiet during the pandemic, but all the way from 2014 to 2019 people have said grand things about these tours. Here is just a sample.


We were so thankful to all of you for making our trip more than we could have imagined

             Kathy Furness from New Hampshire, April 2015 

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Here are messages from 2017:

Let's start with Mary Frances Sheehan:

Thank you for the wonderful, magical day.That was one of the best tours we have ever been on - everything was so lovely. Mary Frances and Joe.

Then this:

Hi Brian
Now i came back to Thailand and I want to say thank you to you and Nick
Your trip is very nice. Nick always take care us. I have  lot of great pictures in Cotswold. Furthermore I ate the best fish & chip in UK. Thank you for everything. 
That's from Mine Ornrumpha

And staying in the east, here's Paniharam Acharya in Singapore:
Hello Brian,
Hope you are doing good.
I would like to say thank you very much for the Cotswolds tour arrangement.
I should say Nick was fantastic. A very knowledgeable person. We were so happy with the overall tour in Nick's guidance. Learnt a lot about the history and importance of almost every village in Cotswolds. Definitely we will be visiting some time again.
Best Regards
And there is this from Brett and Kristin Bedard who were with us in May 2017:
Hi Brian,

We had a FANTASTIC day with Nick in the Cotswolds! What an amazing day…such a gorgeous place! Here’s our review….

We were completely charmed by this tour through the English countryside. There’s a view worth framing around every bend of the narrow road and over every mile of the meandering stone walls. Rolling hills, picture-book stone cottages and quiet villages, and sheep as far as the eye can see. As a lifelong resident of the area, Nick knew the Cotswolds like the back of his hand and that meant his conversation and highlights were rich in detail and utterly authentic. Nick was a thoughtful guide allowing many stops along the way for picture taking and short walks (worth it despite a rainy day!) as well as a delicious pub lunch of fish & chips that he had called ahead to make sure they saved a couple orders for us as they typically run out.  Just an awesome relaxing day away from the hubbub of London and we loved every minute in the gorgeous Cotswolds!

And Brett and Kristin have sent us photographs too. 

And here are some from earlier:

For our 40th wedding anniversary, Frank and I went to London and the Cotswolds. In planning the trip, I was afraid that we would only spend a couple of days as driving on the left is difficult, plus using various maps and getting lost might lead to a little bickering if you readers know what I mean.  Then my daughter's friend's brother returned from his 2nd trip to the Cotswolds escorted by Nick Long.  He raved about the service, Nick's company,  and the ability to have an enjoyable trip seeing so many places tourists would not typically see. Therefore, we were able to stay a week in the Cotswolds.  It was wonderful. Our base was the Royal White Hart Hotel in Moreton-in-Marsh, the only town in the area with a train station. Nick picked us up at the station and really took care of us getting us settled in the hotel and going off on our first adventure.  He is so nice,  full of historical and local information, and I think he knows every little path and site having lived there his entire life.

As the day went on, we could change our mind, or he might suggest a little local site, or we could stop to see something, e.g., stopping to take another photo of the beautiful fields in bloom with sheep.  He also gave us choices of the best pubs: oh the good food we had there.  On a lovely day we ate outside by a river with swans, and on a rainy day we ate in a pub with a roaring fire and asparagus picked that morning.  Best of all, he drove us to Heathrow on the way home, saving us from having to return to London for a night just to take the train out to the airport.  To summarize, if you go to the Cotwolds, hire Nick. It is not that expensive as renting a car, gas, maps and Heathrow transfers would be more and so annoying.  Thanks Nick for making our anniversary trip so great!

            Anne Hurley from Massachusetts, June 2015 



And here is the post Christiana Roussel added to her facebook page in July 2015:

Amanda Dunn (aka Mom) and I had absolutely the most wonderful time in the UK last week. One of the biggest reasons why was our driver, Nick Long, with The Original Cotswold Travel Company. We hit the ground running after he picked us up at Heathrow; within 30 minutes of getting our bags, he had us front-and-center to see the changing of the guards at Windsor Palace! He and the company listened to what we wanted to do on this trip, and made it happen. We visited all four Woolen Churches of the Cotswolds, stopped in to see a cheesemaker (and sample their bries), rolled in 53 acres of lavender, walked parts of the Cotswold Way, shopped local markets in small towns, took in The Merchant of Venice at Royal Shakespeare Company, had high tea and the best fish-n-chips, and even caught a small country circus. Nick grew up in the Cotswolds and his love of the place is infectious. He knew every back road, local story, and ideal photo locations. In short, he really made our trip teeming with memories.



This was a note from Anne, a Norwegian lady, in summer 2016:

Thank you for det lovely trip! I loved all the beautiful villages ad pretti cottages. And most of all I loved all your knowledge about all the places. I found my favourite village, you know. And also some houses I would love to live in. Thank you for everything. I will recomend you to all my friends in Norway.


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