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There are a few points we need to make about your booking with The Original Cotswold Travel Company. These are our Terms and Conditions.


1. The Company is The Original Cotswold Travel Company, a business operated by Nick Long as a sole trader, the  Proprietor.

2. The Hirer is the person named on the booking confirmation which may be paper or e-mail or a series of correspondence by e-mail

3. The Hirer must pay the hire charge stated on the booking confirmation to the driver at the end of the journey unless prior arrangement has been made with the Company or as agreed with the Company if the journeys constitute a tour in which case a deposit or full payment may be requested before the journey. In the event that the payment is a deposit, it is non-refundable if the Hirer cancels, though the Company will attempt to acquire a fresh booking and if successful may refund a discretionary proportion of the deposit subject to an administration charge, but if it is the Company which withdraws from the booking the Company will refund the deposit.

4. Payment may be made by cash or by credit card or by online or other bank transfer if so notified to the Hirer or their agent, and by cheque only with the prior agreement of the Proprietor. Bank transfer for international settlement may include payment to a private Paypal account notified to the Hirer or their agent by e-mail. 

5. The Hirer is responsible for the conduct of all passengers.

6. The Hirer must ensure that all passengers are ready for collection at agreed times and places. The Company will use its best endeavours to arrive at the Hirer's destination and pick-up point punctually but will not liable for late arrival or cancellation due to circumstances beyond its control. In the event of unforeseen delay the Company will if possible contact the Hirer by telephone. In booking a collection time the Hirer must ensure that it meets guidelines for time of arrival at places such as airports to meet onward departure and that such time allows for unforeseen events which might cause delay, because the Company will not be liable for costs incurred due to the Hirer allowing insufficient time for the journey.

7. The Company reserves the right to invoice additional charges to the Hirer for costs incurred due to variations from the schedule set down in the booking confirmation where the price quoted assumes point-to-point travel unless otherwise indicated. The driver will use their judgement to drive with due regard to the road type and conditions and the Hirer and other passengers should not ask them to exceed the speed limit. The driver may use their discretion to select the route to the destination without it necessarily being the shortest route.

8. The Hirer must ensure that notification has been given to the Company of any special or unusual luggage or other effects being carried so that the Company may ensure a suitable vehicle is provided. Examples of such items include but are not limited to skis and musical instruments. The driver has the Company’s authority to refuse to transport passengers and luggage if the vehicle were to become overloaded because of items not notified to the Company. The Company ensures that all drivers are insured for the carriage of passengers but the Company does not carry insurance for goods or property in transit which is the responsibility of the Hirer.

9. The Company reserves the right to invoice additional charges to the Hirer where any losses, repairs, or other costs including valeting costs resulting from damage to or fouling of the vehicle are caused by the Hirer or other passengers and losses in this instance may include loss of earnings by the driver and the Company and costs may include the cost of the hire of a replacement vehicle while repairs are undertaken.

10. The booking may be terminated if the Hirer or any one passenger causes excessive delays, is profoundly under the influence of alcohol or drugs, is disorderly, in the driver's judgement is unfit to travel, or refuses to wear a seat-belt, and the Company reserves the right to invoice the full charge notified on the booking confirmation if the booking is terminated in any such circumstances.

11. Smoking is not permitted in the vehicle.

12. In general food and drink may not be consumed in the vehicle but may be allowed with the driver's explicit permission. 

13. The Company will not tolerate violence, foul language, intimidation, antagonism or any form of anti-social behaviour towards the driver or any member of staff and reserves the right to involve the police in any such circumstances and to immediately terminate the hire, and termination in such circumstances will render the Hirer liable for the full hire charge.